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Welcome to NextPlay, a YouTube web series where young entrepreneur Milan Kordestani interviews creatives, fundraisers, start-up founders and more about their experiences developing and running their own purpose driven projects.

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There is a cultural shift occurring in the 2020s - a resentment toward successful entrepreneurs, from industry titans to digital influencers, largely due to economic instability caused by the pandemic. It’s time to inspire young creatives and entrepreneurs to add purpose-driven projects to their portfolios while also spotlighting the human experiences behind successful entrepreneurship. NextPlay is part of a movement to reignite startup aspirational culture post-2020.

For young entrepreneurs trying to integrate purpose-driven projects into their businesses, NextPlay offers a platform to feature successful creatives and upcoming thought leaders who are changing the way we talk about meaningful business. Through its web series, social media, and other collaborative efforts, NextPlay humanizes successful entrepreneurship while highlighting worthy causes and raising funds for organizations and movements affecting meaningful change. By making purpose aspirational, NextPlay will inspire you to join us in transforming our world into a better place.

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Milan Kordestani

I’m Milan Kordestani, a versatile entrepreneur, writer, and founder of several companies oriented toward giving individuals control over their own discourse and creation. At just 22 years old, I’ve focused my entrepreneurship on purpose-driven business practices that prioritize transparency, civil discourse, and respect for creatives. My companies - Guin Records, Dormzi, The Doe, and NextPlay - are all opportunities to connect with other young people with purpose. With NextPlay, my guests and I hope to inspire other entrepreneurs to pursue purpose.

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