Average-Joe Defender Uses the Power of Tech to Fight Government Bureaucracy and Injustice

Average-Joe Defender Uses the Power of Tech to Fight Government Bureaucracy and Injustice

“Not everything that is faced can be changed. But nothing can be changed until it is faced.” – James Baldwin

When we think of entrepreneurs, we have been conditioned to think of tailored suits, endless grind, lavish lifestyles, and loudly passionate thought leaders that speak with a conviction that fuels our own inner drive. 

There is nothing wrong with that, but true entrepreneurship is much more. Not all leaders stand on tall platforms with their voice echoing throughout an auditorium. So, what do they share in common? 

Courage. The willpower to see a vision through. The mission to help empower others. The ability to craft meaningful solutions to everyday problems.

The entrepreneurs I grew up admiring are here to solve problems. They are driven by an intrinsic motivation to make this world a better place for everyone, not just a select few. Innovative tech is revered as a powerful tool that can help society advance, but it can also solve the little problems that hold so many of us back. 

The power of a good entrepreneur is to see a pressing problem in their own life and tackle it in a way that no one has before. But when your company does that for so many people, sometimes you run into a bit of controversy.

Today’s Guest: Josh Browder

Growing up with a father who’s whistleblowing and human rights work has put him face to face with some of the world’s most dangerous leaders, Josh knew what it meant to stand up against oppression and tyranny. What began as a disdain for excessive parking tickets in his teenage years led the British-American innovator to create DoNotPay –an app that now provides a vast range of legal services using artificial intelligence.

You may have read about this groundbreaking bot lawyer in NPR, Bloomberg, and more. Josh’s company has been garnering praise ever since it upset the institution of the parking ticket. Josh is here to shake up the status quo to serve the greater good. His mission is to make legal aid more equally accessible and to hold bureaucratic institutions accountable for their actions. He strives to protect consumers.

In this episode with Josh, we discuss the importance of building mission-driven companies that empower people to fight injustice. We talk about Josh’s unique upbringing, courage when faced with opposition, using tech for social good, the San Francisco tech exodus, founder transparency on social media, the digital economy, legal aid accessibility, and more. 

Click Here to Watch Episode 9 of NextPlay with Josh Browder

What You Will Learn from Josh:

  • What inspired DoNotPay  
  • How to prioritize purpose-driven business models 
  • Josh’s unique upbringing and activist father
  • How to navigate enemies and fight for the common good

“Oftentimes, these mission driven companies, they go against the status quo, but because of the power of software, you can create something overnight, and it can have a great impact.” –– Josh Browder 

  • His perspective on social media’s pros and cons 
  • How the data and digital economy is shifting
  • How DoNotPay will be expanding its services 
  • Josh’s NextPlay 

“I think being very private and being in stealth is a very bad move. You see all these secretive people building their companies, but that’s not really a good idea, because there are opportunities that I’ve come across that I would have only gotten by being very public on Twitter.” –– Josh Browder 

NextPlay x Josh Browder  

Don’t forget to grab some exclusive NextPlay x Josh Browder merchandise.

NextPlay is all about purpose, and so for each episode, I team up with my guest to create exclusive merchandise for charity. 100% of the proceeds go to the charity of my guest’s choosing. 

This week, all proceeds for the sales of NextPlay merchandise go to an organization that has been fighting to protect the rights of all citizens and working against systemic inequality, discrimination, and abuse of power for decades. This organization works to combat injustice and social inequality by encouraging political change and providing legal support for those who have had their civil rights violated.  

The NextPlay x Josh Browder t-shirt allows you to show your support for those on the frontlines of the legal and political battles for systemic equality. 

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About Milan

Milan Kordestani is a versatile entrepreneur, writer, and founder of several companies oriented toward giving individuals control over their own discourse and creation. At just 22 years old, Kordestani has focused his vision through entrepreneurship that prioritizes transparent practice, civil discourse, and respect for creatives.

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