Growing Communities and Empowering Minority Leaders with Alicia Hanf

Growing Communities and Empowering Minority Leaders with Alicia Hanf

The ones who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones that do.” - Steve Jobs

Before we dive into today's post, I'd like to take a moment to thank all those who have served and continue to serve in the US Armed Forces, and wish you a Happy Veteran's Day! Thank you for your service and sacrifice. 

And that’s why, this week I'm honored to introduce you to our NextPlay guest, Alicia Hanf, a 6-year Army veteran who is a firm believer in the motto that we can all "Change the world a little to a lot each day."


Do you truly believe you can change the world? 


I believe we all can, and the key is setting expectations for ourselves that are attainable while keeping our overarching goals sizable enough to truly make an impact. 


How Alicia Is Changing The World

When it comes to initiating change, today's guest doesn't just talk the talk. Alicia is motivating others to champion growth and inspiring people to be their best on a daily basis. She is proud to have worked for Walt Disney, the Department of Defense, the NFL, and has raised over $1B in capital for her latest project, the Dear Mama Fund.

After witnessing firsthand just how difficult it can be for BIPOC, female, and veteran founders to raise capital, Alicia decided to be the change she wanted to see, and the Dear Mama Fund was born. With a unique focus on an inclusive minority culture that shines a spotlight on black, brown, and women entrepreneurs, her work is paving the way for founders from all walks of life to access the resources they need to make a lasting impact.

NextPlay Episode 4

I admire Alicia's commitment to inspiring the world to dream big and reimagine what they can achieve. Join me for Episode 4 of NextPlay to hear all about her incredible journey, advice to founders, impactful life lessons, and much more. 

Click Here to watch Episode 4


What You Will Learn from Alicia:

  • How she got her start in the military
  • The meaning of "Last Known Point"
  • How she used her military training to work through trauma
  • Her advice for breaking into a new industry

“As I found myself feeling lost, scared and confused, I heard my drill sergeant's voice say ‘Do you know what it means to find your last known point?'"

  • How Dear Mama is making an impact for minority founders
  • The importance of NFTs in the sports industry
  • How she is raising over $1B in capital
  • What she’s working on as her NextPlay

"A lot of people are designing solutions, but they're not going into these minority communities and saying 'What do you need?'"

NextPlay x Dear Mama Fund

Don’t forget to grab some exclusive NextPlay x Dear Mama merchandise.

NextPlay is all about purpose, and so for each episode, I team up with my guest to create exclusive merchandise for charity. 100% of the proceeds go to the charity of my guest’s choosing. 

NextPlay x Dear Mama

All proceeds for the sales of NextPlay x Dear Mama go directly to Alicia's organization, the Dear Mama Fund, a financial commitment to support diversity on the startup scene. The fund provides the financial support and social capital needed to uplift a community of BIPOC and female entrepreneurs. 

The NextPlay x Dear Mama t-shirt allows you to show your support for entrepreneurial diversity with your fashion sense and your pocketbook.

Click here to shop NextPlay x Dear Mama merch!

About Milan

Milan Kordestani is a versatile entrepreneur, writer, and founder of several companies oriented toward giving individuals control over their own discourse and creation. At just 22 years old, Kordestani has focused his vision through entrepreneurship that prioritizes transparent practice, civil discourse, and respect for creatives.

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