The Power of Attitude, Mindset and Work Ethic with Benny Pough

The Power of Attitude, Mindset and Work Ethic with Benny Pough

“Every job is a self-portrait of the person who did it. Autograph your work with excellence.”― Ted Key

We all encounter innumerable things in our lives that are out of our control, but fortunately, some choices always remain within our grasp. How we choose to view and interpret situations, and how hard we are willing to work are decisions that we are always in control of, no matter how strenuous external circumstances may be.

Your willingness to make better choices in these areas will lead you to bigger opportunities, and will put you in the position to make a greater impact.                                                                                            

Today’s Guest: Benny Pough

I am honored to introduce the guest of NextPlay Episode 5, Benny Pough, who knows a thing or two about being intentional when it comes to choices like work ethic and mindset. 

Benny is one of the most innovative and successful leaders in the music industry, and he has helped shape the sound and culture of music worldwide. Some of his most notable roles include President at Roc Nation, Executive Vice President at Epic Records, Senior Vice President at Def Jam Records, and Promotions Manager at Motown. 

With someone who has a portfolio as impressive as Benny’s, it’s impossible not to be curious about how they achieved such accomplishments. As I sat down with Benny for this interview and asked my questions, hearing him attribute his success to work ethic and attitude was music to my ears. It’s refreshing to hear that someone who has held such esteemed titles believes that we all have the same ability to make an impact through these personal choices that are always within our control. 

NextPlay Episode 5

This is an episode you won’t want to miss! Benny and I cover a wide range of topics, including how he got his start in the music industry, the commonalities between all superstar artists, a life-changing experience that inspired his book, his advice to young people trying to get their foot in the door, and much more! 

Tune in to Episode 5 of NextPlay with Benny Pough

What You Will Learn from Benny:

  • Why everyone is capable of being a great salesperson
  • How to break into a new industry
  • The importance of a strong work ethic
  • How to develop a winning attitude

“The guys who are really on the top aren’t on the top by chance. They’re on the top because they put in the work. All day, every day.”

  • What he learned from a near death experience
  • The inspiration behind his book: ON IMPACT: Life, Leadership & Almost
  • Why he left Roc Nation to start his own company
  • What he’s working on as his NextPlay

“Once I achieve a goal, I’m on to the next. I never want to be complacent, it’s always about striving and pushing myself forward.”

NextPlay x Benny Pough

Don’t forget to grab some exclusive NextPlay x Benny Pough merchandise.

NextPlay is all about purpose, and so for each episode, I team up with my guest to create exclusive merchandise for charity. 100% of the proceeds go to the charity of my guest’s choosing. 

All proceeds for the sales of NextPlay x Benny Pough go to supporting Benny’s chosen charity, an organization that empowers at-risk girls to reach their potential through education and employable skills.

Shop NextPlay x Benny Pough merch here!

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